Make Smarter, Faster Decisions

Whether you work the buy or sell side, our multi-asset, broker-neutral electronic trading platform offers low-latency access to diverse pools of global liquidity, advanced analytics, and unparalleled support through a single point of contact. Each aspect of our platform is designed to optimize institutional workflow.

Trading Desk


Functioning as an independently operated technology company, we offer a comprehensive suite of broker-neutral financial services, encompassing EMS, OMS, and idea generation.


Our flexible platform streamlines your cross-asset workflow, providing sophisticated tools to enhance single-instrument, pairs, portfolio, and spread trading of equities, equity options, futures, and futures options.


Our platform connects to over 340 brokers, providing a single source of global access to exchanges, ECNs, MTFs, ATSs, broker algorithmic product suites, crossing networks, dark pools, and IOIs.


We receive market data from more than 130 exchanges across North America, EMEA, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. You may also retrieve this data from the BBG desktop API to minimize redundant market data costs.

Portfolio Manager

P&L / Exposure

Our real-time P&L updates enable traders to evaluate current activity and its impact on overall daily P&L. Managers may then view exposure adjusted by deltas and betas and investments in basis points by invested and allocated capital.

Desk Routing

As a manager, you may create proprietary routes to in-house trade desks, send those orders with instructions to traders, then monitor activity in real time. Audit trails are maintained on all order details.


Our mobile companion application tracks trading activity and provides access to curated QuoteWatch lists.


We provide an extensive suite of broker-neutral pre-, post-, and real-time in-trade analytics. Our extensively monitored data lets you evaluate orders in-flight using robust technical analysis, filtering, and order analytics, allowing for instant order adjustment to capture alpha.



Set rules for specific traders, funds, or entities; track order history and breaches; and alter limits and thresholds.


We provide allocation functionality to support omnibus trading and reporting to multiple prime brokers with customizable commission rules.


Communicating with most prime brokers and custodians, our automated processes aggregate and populate positions, easy-to-borrow lists, and buying power at start of day. Order data and allocations are transmitted automatically at the end of the session. Our platform is further integrated with all major order management systems (OMS).


Create reports to retrieve historical order information on-demand or work with our engineers to develop customized reports.

Advanced Solutions


Designed for maximum flexibility, our technology integrates into existing workflows seamlessly. Choose from various window styles, save multiple screen layouts, design custom order tickets across asset classes, create fields based on custom formulas, set custom alerts, and construct filters based on hundreds of criteria for idea generation.

Global Presence

Our proprietary architecture provides best-in-class service and reliability in demanding market environments. Leverage Neovest data centers in New York, London, and Hong Kong via a dedicated circuit or the Internet. Our high-touch 24/6 support is available from our New York, Boston, Orem, London, and Hong Kong offices.

Proprietary Data Interface

Upload data either to a local database or to our hosted infrastructure. For example, use proprietary beta calculations to create personalized beta-adjusted exposure or define custom sector groups to monitor P&L.