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Experience full functionality from day one—with no hidden costs. An order and execution management platform designed to scale with your fund and growing needs. The platform supports you through the lifecycle of a trade from the point you make an investment decision, to order execution and post trade operations.

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Investment Decision

Our pre-trade service provides firms with control over trades to mitigate exposure to market risks and to meet fiduciary responsibilities. Integrate proprietary data throughout the system for display, custom calculations and risk controls.

Order Interaction: Position marking which can split orders and auto-adjust trades.

Shortable Stocks: Update shortable quantities and short locates from prime brokers.

Restricted Lists: Prevent instruments from trading in specific accounts or across aggregated groups.

Thresholds: Soft prompts warn as user determined threshold is approached and enact hard stops to prevent threshold breaches.

Allowed/Restricted Brokers: Implement your pre-determined instructions for routing orders.

History: All events and timetables are logged for the risk service.

Already have a system, whether proprietary or from a third party that performs these functions? Integrate Neovest with your existing solution, and use us for trading only.


Order Decision

Our sophisticated and intuitive trading platform makes it easy to view market intel, track trade data and manage order execution.

Trade Pass: Allow Portfolio Managers and Traders to route orders to each other on Neovest. Keeping both views in sync real time.

Click-Trade: For fast delivery of your orders to our extensive 340+ broker network using high-touch, algorithms or basket trading. With easy to enable shortcuts, for even fewer clicks.

Multi-Leg Strategies: Integrated broker algorithms for advanced strategies like Pairs, User defined strategies on exchange, and multi-leg futures trading.

Wheel: Automate your broker and strategy selection.

API: Systematically route orders or a list of orders while using Neovest to monitor exceptions.



Our platform enables seamless post-trade workflow—from admin to analytics—improving operational efficiency.

Allocation and Bunching: Use a Neovest window to manually allocate and bunch trades, or set up rules to trigger auto-allocation.

Automated Trade Reporting: For Prime Brokerages and custodians to receive the days trading activity in a seamless manner.

Historical Trades: View historical trades in Neovest, or automate reports for 3rd party analytics providers, internal compliance teams, or for deeper business insight.



At Neovest we strive to minimize time and technical investment from clients by running a simple and efficient onboarding while delivering enterprise grade reliability and performance.

Global Access: Our platform is run in multiple data centers simultaneously, meaning global teams access one closest to them reducing latency, while failover scenarios cause minimal disruption.

Hosted Software: We host all services, while clients download the platform from our website and run it as a desktop client.

User Profiles and Default Views: Create profiles based on User function – Portfolio manager, Trader, Compliance with corresponding access requirements. Easy to save default views means you can have an office, home, or mobile view for use.

Software Updates: Our launcher runs updates overnight, which means users can log in with no latency to a new version, or default to a previous version if they’re not quite ready to upgrade.